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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No I haven't seen one of those before!

As part of medical training it is inevitable that the aspiring Dr. will have to work on a real person eventually. This does not present a problem in most cases, like drawing blood or minor surgery, hey, what is your study group for? While the library and classroom will suffice for many of these, it is not the place for one particular procedure. The Gyn Exam.....

A person, and by that I mean a woman, might wonder where her doc is going to get training in this particular area, assuming that their spouse or partner is not crazy enough to let them practice on them. One might think that in the students' OB/Gyn rotation they might get some experience in this practice, however, women are given the choice of whether to have the student in the room or not and whether the student is allowed to try their amazing exam techniques (that they read about in a book other than playboy). With male docs, it's mosly not.

Well, mystery solved. The medical school my husband attended tackled this problem by hiring very brave and knowledgeable nurse-teachers who not only let themselves be subject to an exam, but also coached the student through the procedure while it was going on. I hope these women were paid really really really well.

Though nerve racking and embarrassing this works well for the majority of students. However, we did have a friend we will call Greg. Greg was approaching his first subject, shall we say, with trepidation. The Nurse/Teacher was coaxing him into the exam area saying,

"Don't be afraid, you've seen these before in your life haven't you?"

His answer? "No actually! I haven't!"

Did I mention Greg's partner, Doug?

Greg went into psychology.

We're all glad.


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