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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Yech! Factor

O.K. so Robb, the doctor in question is a Dermatology resident. Now you can flash to Seinfeld, yep, get it out of your system.

"Your not a REAL doctor..."
"The cancer, I forgot about the cancer..."

What this means in real life is that he deals with some of the most horrible visible conditions plaguing the human race. Sure, there are lots of things in our bodies that can go wrong. Lots of those conditions have outward manifestations. Also, There are seemingly endless painful, awful and sometimes deadly things that just start at the skin and besides the acne, warts and hair loss that walks through the door every day there are also the cancers, skin eating bacteria, drug reactions where the skin just decides to leave the body, Bott fly infestations etc. So that's the Derm people's reality. So in case someone is reading this and wishing they could get into a Derm residency, beware, 'cause this is a bad area for even the slightest weak stomach.

So right now my DH is preparing a presentation for an event called Wisconsin Derm. This is where all the Derm people in Wisconsin get together and show each other the most disgusting pictures of actual cases they are working on right now and report on what they are doing for these poor people. Now, I have watched surgery, I'm not queasy about blood and gore.

However...we all share a computer. So here is Robb, fixing up his report unbeknown to me. I sit down to innocently check e-mail and click up the browser and ...

holy christ, mother mary....god awful....... my eyes my eyes-- what in the hell is that!" yeeeech, bleh, urg....

How often does this happen? Oh, a couple of times a week at least. The worst is when the girls are standing nearby.

"Mommy, what's the
MATTER with that person's arm!?" (stomach, back, head, leg)

"Just a rash dear, Dad put some cream on it so it will get better" (boldface lie)

"Mommy, where do we keep our cream for that?"

"In the first aid kit"

"I'm going to go get it OK?"


Sometimes Robb will leave a journal sitting around and the kids just stare at it transfixed until I grab it and put it away.

"I'll get the cream," I say.


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