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A Blogumentary on the life, issues, headaches and butt-aches of the Spouse, Partner, Wife and Computing Saviour of the Doctor in training as well as those of his close and distant relatives. I am compiling current views, (it's residency ya'll) stories from the last 8 years(admissions, placement, school, the match, residency and the search for real work) and advice for others in the same strange and (uh) wonderful situation.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Why this Blog? The Mid-Life-Crisis

My husband began his mid-life-crisis when he was 21. It came and when through several careers, including waiter, bar-tender, actor, artist, bum and then finally bio-chemist. The bio-chemist lasted almost 10 years when the next wave of discontent hit. This time, it was serious. He pulled out the "What Color is Your Parachute" and painstakingly worked through all of the exercises until he hit on DOCTOR. bum bum bum eeeeeek

This blog is really to allow me to vent, tell stories and possibly educate and enlighten others on the adventures awaiting the family (and believe me it is the whole family) who enters medical school. It is not a journey for the weak of heart, weak of stomach, or weak of mind for that matter. These stories are mostly from the point of view of myself, x-computer nerd, mother, wife, coach and a host of other things like "Person deeply concerned over the Spirituality of Humanity". (That's a whole other Blog) However, there are a few stories from friends collected over time that really exemplify what is facing the unsuspecting into the wonderful world of medicine.

It is amazing how little I knew about the forming of a Doctor. What happens behind the white coat, beyond the little examination room, how this person wielding a stethescope got to wield that cold little instrument and other cold little instuments for that matter. I've found that, just the opposite of the sausage factory and children, it's been really good to see how a doctor is made.


  • At 2:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What an inciteful blog. I feel for you. Good luck.


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