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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Finding a Real Job Part II

Part II - Deciphering the job descriptions

Here we are with a list of 100 positions open to Dermatologist that mostly fit our criteria. (Not Florida or Detroit) They are lookin' good. Mainly because we have been living off of nothing for years and anything that contains numbers with an extra zero looks like cake. Now you have to eliminate some of the contestants.

The one that says "Be an assistant to a Plastic Surgeon" (Slave) must go.

The one offering well under the going rate who thinks this is the best offer ever, no.

The one who wants someone 1 day a week to empty the trash, Hmmmm no.

OK here is one, offering an OK rate with 2 weeks vacation and call every other night, no insurance coverage, bring your own support staff when you come, and partnership in 12 years. Hey, we didn't just go through 8 years of hell to take 2 weeks vacation and have call every other night, plus what kind of place has no support staff?

New York City. For some reason NYC positions are way underpaid. We can only assume that they feel it is a privilege to live in the city, why pay more?

Finally, a good rate, partnership in 2, 4 weeks vacation, well run, support staff, good facilities a nice location and a real need in the community. The list might have 20 of these.

Now we start calling around and sending out Robb's CV. This is when the real fun starts because you never know who is going to call. Sometimes we get a search firm, sometimes an actual Doc from the practice, sometimes someone speaking Korean. We take the Korean position immediately only to find out it is really for a Nail Salon. Darn!


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