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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Finding a Real Job Part I

Part 1 - Deciding where to live.

Ok, so now we've entered that next chapter in our lives where we decide where to live and what kind of practice Robb will be part of. In our family this consists initially of staring at the map of the US for long periods of time. We have also tried the technique of closing the atlas, closing our eyes, turning the atlas round and round and thinking, "Where would be best for our family", and then opening the atlas without looking and pointing to a point somewhere in the US. This technique, though entertaining, has put us in the Atlantic AND Pacific oceans several times as well as in the middle of Detroit (no offense to you in Detroit but it's not where we want to live) and in the middle of no-place USA.

So much for that. We then decided we would be near friends and family. This is fine if there are jobs there. Also there are several very attractive spots in the US that we would really love to live that are not near anyone. So we've narrowed it down to about 100 places. A reasonable amount to begin sending resume's to.

Not everyone has to go through this, but we need to make this as difficult as possible because it builds character.


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