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Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Dr. and the Guinea Pig

We have several pets. These pets are small and either non-allergenic or a good practice pets. A practice pet is one that is low on the food chain, fairly indestructible, doesn't bite and will happily be ignored for long periods of time. Our's include fish and a guinea pig. We also have two birds, but they are higher maintenance and stay away from the kids. (they're very intelligent those birds...)

Our guinea pig is named Pandaba. Our younger daughter takes him out of his cage and dresses him up. She also carries him around in a baby basket and makes small houses for him to inhabit. Then she throws him back in his cage when she's done and he seems no worse for wear.

The animal lives in our living room and so is regularly examined by the dermatologist in the house. Apparently he doesn't have enough to keep him busy. Anyway, Robb spotted a fungus infection on the 'pigs back and began treating it with fungicide, (a proud tradition also carried on by the Derm who baby-sat the 'pig).

This week he found a knot of hair on his backside - the pig, not my husband. I mean the husband found the knot on the 'pig not visa versa. Anyway, a full exam went into force where-in the animals butt was closely examined, and some sort of waxy substance was found. The 'pig was then washed thoroughly in the sink. When this failed to remove said stuff, he was then trimmed while #1 daughter held him down on the floor. Somehow he took all of this with grace and aplomb (Pandaba not Robb) and was eventually returned to his box. Having survived the full medical treatment most humans dread, exposing your privites and then having them washed and clipped all in the name of science.

When I arrived home from work Robb was still fretting about this knot and what caused it. I'm sure Pandaba will now be looking forward to several more examinations and treatment in the near future.

My younger daughter no longer wants to be a doctor.

I've hidden the sutures.


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